Used ships

Used ships from No Limit Ships

Ever so often, we sell used No Limit yard ships. The reason for sale in most cases is because the previous owner took ownership of a new yard ship designed and built by No Limit Ships. We are proud of our returning customers and see this as proof our their satisfaction, our high quality and the appreciation of our customers.

You purchase dependability and durability
With us you’re purchasing your used ship right from the source. We know the ship inside out and have the entire (maintenance) history clearly on file. Because we know so much about the ships that we offer, you’ll always receive a minimum guarantee from 6 months to a year on which you can count on. This way you’re not only buying a beautiful, and sound ship of a solid value from the No Limit shipyard, but you also inherit dependability and durability.

Are you looking to purchase a used ship from our shipyard, but it the model you’re looking for not on offer? Contact us with and let us know what you’re looking for. We wil then inform you the moment a ship with your specifications and within your budget becomes available.

Click here for our current offerings of used No Limit yard ships.

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