No Limit 1550

The No Limit model arose from a No Limit 1500 which was quickly extended to 15.50 meters in order to create more space and buoyancy.

The No Limit 1550 is the current basic model of the No Limit series and has every available the comfort and convenience which also makes it very suitable for longer stays on board.

The tubed hull shape and high speed capability make the ship extremely seaworthy and also give it more comfortable giving a safer feeling during rough weather.

There is virtually no conceivable circumstances in which a No Limit cannot sail. The No Limit is not only suitable for open water through but with its low creep height and shallow draft the No Limit is also ideal for sailing on inland waterways.


Material Steel hull with aluminum superstructure
Length 15,50 meters
Water line length 13,67 meters
Width 4,80 meters
Hull depth 1,26 meters
Fuel 3000 liters
Drinking water 1000 liters
Waste water 400 liters
Main engine 2x Volvo D9 MG 5075 A / EVC – 575 hp each
Cruising speed 9 knots as water displacing ship
Max speed 25 knots full thrust
Water displacement 20 tons


Download general plan No Limit 1550 (Dutch)

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