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The No Limit is a very seaworthy, fast, safe and comfortable yacht. A ship with character so to speak. The No Limit models all feature the CE-A certification (Ocean), designed for long journeys, wave heights from 4 meters and above, and for wind forces from 8 and up.

With a depth of approximately 1 meter and a vertical clearance of 3.4 meters it has little to no boating restrictions inland or at sea.

Every ship can be built to your specification within the No Limit concept. The No Limit concept has three basic models which each have their specific characteristics. Each of the 3 models is built with No Limit quality.

The No Limit just for you

No Limit Ships can build the following models for you:

Customization possible

Are you looking for a new ship but you can’t find anything that meets your needs? Our No Limit Ships shipyard has the knowledge and experience to realize your dream ship. We can also customize one of our existing models in consultation with you so that it meets your needs and requirements.

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The stories of No Limit Ships

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Watch the video