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The No Limit

The No Limit is a very seaworthy, fast, safe and comfortable yacht. A ship with character so to speak. The No Limit models all feature the CE-A certification (Ocean), designed for long journeys, wave heights from 4 meters and above, and for wind forces from 8 and up.

With a depth of approximately 1 meter and a vertical clearance of 3.4 meters it has little to no boating restrictions inland or at sea.

Every ship can be built to your specification within the No Limit concept. The No Limit concept has four basic models which each have their specific characteristics. Each of the 4 models is built with No Limit quality.

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the Citation

The Citation is a classically framed, steel multi-chine mirror cutter. Its design makes it a ship that provides space and comfort on the water. The ship has a large sailing range due to the low clearance.

The open cockpit with open passage to the salon area is clearly designed with attention to ergonomics and allows you to enjoy life on the water.

The Citation is a vessel which can be customized by our shipyard within the frameworks of the Citation concept to your specific needs. The Citation comes in two variants; the Citation 1250OK and Citation 1350OK.

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The Blue City (De Blauwe Stad)

The Blue City is a typical pleasure yacht with a strong character and has a striking presence on the water that people take notice of whenever she sails by. Her sturdy appearance of a slider gives you the feeling of strength and reliability. Blue City models have the CE mark C, which makes them suitable even for coastal waters. And you will immediately notice the good sailing qualities of the ship.

Blue City is an easy ship to maneuver with its low air draft and imposes virtually no boating restrictions.

The ship offers more than just being able to tour on a beautiful summers day. Once it cools down in the evening there is a comfortable cabin where you and your guests can spend a pleasant evening.

Blue City models are well equipped both for day or weekend trips and for longer journeys. You decide, together with us, what the layout and equipment of the ship will be so that it is adapted for your use.

The innovative and efficient construction method we use in our shipyard means we can build the high-quality, classically lined Blue City at a very attractive price.

All Blue City (Blauwe Stad) models

Customization possible

Are you looking for a new ship but you can’t find anything that meets your needs? We have the knowledge and experience to realize your dream ship. We can also customize one of our existing models in consultation with you so that it meets your needs and requirements.

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