Our ships

Fast, stable, efficient, reliable and secure. These are definitions that our No Limit Pro ships always have to have. These definitions are, in our opinion, essential to a good and functional work boat.

Suiteable for various applications

Does your company require a surveying ship, a crew tender, coast guard vessel or windpark vessel? Ships from our No Limit Pro concept are ideally suited for all these applications. Our models are built to customer specifications and will therefore also meet yours

Two in one vessel

The No Limit Pro ships are optimally equipped for a various offshore work. Operating in shallow (coastal) water as well as operations on the high seas is possible thanks to the speed, extreme seaworthiness and shallow hull. The No Limit Pro can replace the jobs of two different ships. This versatility makes the ship efficient and provides significant cost savings for your company.

Global use

The equipment on our ships making using them possible over the whole world. Our ships operate successfully in the extremely variable climate conditions of Siberia to Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

With the custom cradles which come with the ship, the vessel is easily transported around the world on a larger ship.

Custom solutions

We are your partner in developing your ship according to your specifications. This is one of our core strengths as we are always able to offer the right solution.

Our models

No Limit builds the following basic models:

No Limit 1640 Pro
No Limit 1940 Pro

The stories of No Limit Ships