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“The possibilities are endless”

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The ships we build are unique in every way. The characteristics that they have in common are that they stand out in terms of safety and durability and that they have the ability to give the skipper and crew a carefree sensation when on the water. Together with you, we can realize all your needs and requirements and apply them to any one of our proven models, making your No Limit, Citation or Blauwe Stad a ship that is truly yours and unique. Learn about the specifications of each model and discover which one is best suited for you

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“Designing and building ships is our passion”

We are always proud whenever we see our ships sail

There is nothing more satisfying that seeing a satisfied customer and recognizing the mutual passion from a distance. Together with you, we look at your needs and requirements and we offer appropriate advise and suggestions. Only once your design is complete does the real work start; the actual building of the new ship.  We are always proud whenever a new ship takes to the water and the satisfied new owners sails away from the ship yard.

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There is no limit to travel on a No Limit Ship

Our new No Limit 1750 is well received in Canada Read here the story of the proud owners of  Nolimit 1750 SeaWolf  

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No Limit 1750 SeaWolf arrived in Vancouver Canada

The Nolimit 1750 SeaWolf arrived after a long journey in Vancouver Canada, unless this ship is completely equipped and certainly capable to make this … Continue reading No Limit 1750 SeaWolf arrived in Vancouver Canada

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No Limit 50 on the Fort Lauderdale boatshow

This year we will be on the boatshow in the B-dock with the No Limit Four Seasons. The boatshow is from Nov 1 – … Continue reading No Limit 50 on the Fort Lauderdale boatshow

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